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Investors A guaranteed rental yield

Comparative Analysis

The determination of the nominal rent will be based upon a comparative analysis of the rent market. Not only do we have access to multiple databases totalising thousands of properties offered for rent, which are continually updated; but, we also are assisted by experts of the biggest relocation companies, charged with the placement of expats in Belgium. This allows us to observe total neutrality in our services: our estimations will never keep track of an out-dated or over evaluated renting price.

A guaranteed return determined by a real rent; And, an objective financial calculation.


The financial analysis of real estate returns by IMMOBILIER NEUF “Invest Experts” is strictly based upon a scientific approach, originating from the models of Professors of Solvay Brussels School and KU Leuven University, references in the financial analysis of real estate in Belgium. This objective approach will allow us to disclose, at your demand, an estimate of the nominal rent returns on real estate. Far from any fanciful overvalue.


In order to certify guaranteed return, we offer you either way a contractual form of guaranteed return or we select, accordingly to the project, the partners who will offer you the best services regarding the search of the "perfect tenant"; and, the optimal rental management of your property.

As such, Lawyer Jan Roodhooft has recently drawn attention to the fact that if a person makes the choice to lease his property in an all-inclusive form, he could be assimilated by the tax administration as a professional, and consequently heavily taxed.

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